Guidelines for Lunch Coordinators

Thank you for agreeing to be a Lunch Coordinator. To make your work easier, we are providing the following

Guidelines :

Normally a cleaning person will come at 10 am. They will do the cleaning of public areas, layout of tables, and clean the cooking utensils after the event. Lunch is usually served at 12:30 pm. Paper products and other supplies are available in the store room. If it is locked, keys are with Panditji.

  • Call on people who may be interested in sponsoring lunch.
    • Determine whether they wish to cook in Temple or bring cooked food from outside.
    • If they plan to cook in the Temple, when do they want to do it? The Temple may be locked at that time!
    • There are refrigerators and freezers in the Temple. They can be used to store cooked food until it is time to serve.
  • On the day of the event:
    • If food was stored in the refrigerator, start heating the food about 2 hours prior to serving time. Warm food in the ovens. The food warmer keeps food warm. It is not suitable for warming food directly form the refrigerator or freezer.
    • After all the food has been taken out of the refrigerator and freezer, switch it off.
    • Assess the number of devotees present in the temple and ensure that sufficient supplies are taken out of the storeroom.
    • Ensure that a sufficient number of tables are laid out based upon the expected number of devotees and menu.
    • Ensure that all public areas are clean and bring any problems to the President’s attention.
    • Assist in collecting lunch donations from devotees – $3 for members and $5 for non members.
    • Place lunch collections in an envelope and write the date and “Lunch” on the envelope and give it to one of the Treasurers.
    • After lunch, assist sponsors in clean-up.
    • Ensure that no food (cooked or uncooked) is left in the temple.
    • Ensure that all kitchen equipments are turned off. Normally, the refrigerators should be empty, so switch off the refrigerators.
  • Give the names of the lunch sponsors to the President for recognition and announcement.

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