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Symbolism of Lord Ganesha

|| Hari Om ||

Sanatan Dharma School of Toledo

General Information as of 29th January 2006

Motivation : The Hindu Temple of Toledo holds services for the community on Sunday mornings. It has been felt by many that children often cannot fully comprehend or participate-in these services. An equivalent service geared specifically towards children is lacking. With these needs of the community in mind we are attempting to start a program for children aged four years and above every Sunday during the academic school year. With the grace of God we shall succeed in this noble endeavor.

Mission Statement : To facilitate the spiritual progress of children in accordance with the teachings of Sanatan Dharma.[*]

Activities : These will include teachings of the basic philosophy of Sanatanis, the different methods of worship, study of the life of avatars and saints. Participatory activities will include chanting of -shlokas, -names of God, -bhajans, and -aartis, celebrations of religious festivals, tours to nearby places of worship, drama, essay writing, and elocution with religious themes. Regular home work assignments will be given.

Teachers : These will be drawn from parents and other elders from the community. Spiritual teachers visiting Toledo may also teach occasionally. The current teachers are:

  • Ms. Monideepa Tarafdar
  • Mr. and Mrs Sanjay Khare
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ravindra Joshi
  • Mr. & Mrs. Shekhar Prindipolu
  • Ms. Anitha Kosanam

We thank them for their dedication and committment.

Time : We will start at 11:00 a.m. on every Sunday during the academic school year, except when announced otherwise. Separate teaching for children will occur for about 45 mins. At around 12:00 noon they will join the grown ups in bhajan, sankirtan, and aarti till about 1:00 p.m.

Place : Hindu Temple of Toledo, 4336 King Road, Sylvania, OH 43560.

Eligibility : Any children interested in learning about Sanatan Dharma above four years of age.

Dress Code : Simple modest clothing appropriate for seating on the floor and conducive to learning and worship should be used. Advertisements of any sort including numbers of sports teams, and/or logos and pictures of products or celebrities on clothes are not allowed. Cell phones for children are not allowed. Attending parents may carry cell phones only if they are completely turned off.

Fees : None

School Director : Priest of the Temple Mr. Anant A. Dixit, Phone: 419-843-4440, Email:
[email protected]

[*] Sanatan Dharma is popularly known as Hinduism. It is the religion of a person who holds the eternal teachings of the Vedas as sacred.

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