Schedule of fees ($) for Priestly services (2016)

Checks payable to Hindu Temple of Toledo

Hindu Temple of Toledo

4336 King Road, Sylvania, OH 43560

Phone : 419-843-4440 Non-Profit Tax ID # 34-1370076

Schedule of fees (US$) for Priest services provided by Hindu Temple of Toledo

Services / PujasAt TempleAt Home or elsewhere
 MembersNon- MembersMembersNon-Members
Temple Puja125125N/AN/A
Archana Puja2151101151
Car Blessing2151101151
Group Satayanarayan Puja51101N/AN/A
Satayanarayan puja and Katha125151125175
Puja and Homam151251251451
Gruha Pravesh and HomamN/AN/A251351
Nakshatra Shanti Puja and Homam151175251451
Simant Sanskar (Baby Shower)125175125175
Namakaran (Naming Ceremony)125175125175
Anna Prashan (Feeding)125175125175
Chaul (Mundan Ceremony)125175125175
Pre wedding Ganesh Puja125151125175
Pre wedding Graha Shanti125151125175
Wedding Ceremony351401401501
Akhand Ramayana251301251351
Suderkand Parayan151201251351
Bhagwat Geeta Parayan151201251351
Chandipath Parayan151201251351
Funeral Services251251251251
10th & 11th Day Puja (Dasah, Ekadasah)N/AN/A501751
12th or 13th Day Death PujaN/AN/A151251

Checks payable to Hindu Temple of Toledo

Travel expenses will be additional

Service fee of $251 per day for services not listed above

Please contact Punditji for scheduling and additional information

Last update July 2016

  • Travel Expenses are additional
  • Please contact Pundit ji and at the Temple or the Temple president for scheduling and more information

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