Hall Rental

Hall Rental Rules and Regulations Effective January 1, 2016

  1. The renter will comply with all state and city laws, regulations, fire codes and other ordinances.
  2. The renter/sponsor agrees to indemnify and to hold the Hindu Temple of Toledo; all its Trustees, Officers, Members, and Employees harmless from and against any and all losses, damages, costs, expenses, liabilities, claims, demands, and causes of action of any nature whatsoever and from any expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, for defense there from, and for in jury to or death of person(s) or loss of and/or damage to property occurring in a manner directly or indirectly arising out of or in connection with the use of the Hindu Temple by the renter/sponsor and the guests of the renter/sponsor.
  3. Except where incidental to the program, all other advertising, sale of merchandise, or distribution of printed material is prohibited. No solicitation of any kind is allowed.
  4. Admission charges or collections are prohibited unless prior permission is specifically obtained. Such permission will normally be granted only when proceeds, after necessary expenses, will be used solely for religious, charitable, philanthropic, civic, or other noncommercial or non- personal purposes. The financial statements of receipts and expenditure may be required within seven days of the event.
  5. The renter undertakes to enforce and preserve the sanctity of the Temple by preventing shoes and consumption of food in the prayer hall.
  6. All decorations must be removed after the function. No items shall be attached to the building property, except masking tape to hang light decorative items to walls, or any modifications made to the building structure, equipment, or grounds. Please do not use duct tape or nails. Any damage caused by this action will be charged to and paid for by the renter/sponsor as determined by the Hindu Temple of Toledo.
  7. The rental permission will not be granted to minors . An adult must be present for all activities involving the youth. The adult in charge of the activity will be present during the entire occupancy period. This person will be responsible for the proper use of the facilities and the proper conduct of those in attendance.
  8. Alcohol, smoking, or narcotics are NOT allowed on the Temple premises.
  9. Non-vegetarian food can NOT be cooked, consumed, or served on the Temple premises.
  10. All garbage must be bagged for disposal and disposed of in the garbage dumpster located outside of the kitchen area; otherwise, additional cleaning charges may apply. Renter’s must bring about 15 tall –trash bags and after all the cleanup is complete; fresh bags must be installed to all the trash cans.
  11. No event shall be political in nature, immoral, or have a purpose contradictory to the objectives of the Temple.
  12. Reservations: in general, the Temple provides reservations on a first- come first-serve basis, but it reserves the right to deny in the case of Temple related activities requiring the use of the facility. In that case, the renter will be informed within 15 days after the reservation has been made. No reservations are considered confirmed and approved by the Temple or are binding to the Temple unless appropriate payments have been made to the Temple.
  13. The premises must be put back in order the way it was handed for renting. Please refer pictures along with this document to understand the standard settings of the premises. Utensils in the kitchen, kitchen area, freezer and refrigerator needs to be cleaned by Renter if renting Kitchen area.
    (Photographs of Temple premises is enclosed at the end. Handover must be done as shown in pictures)

Rental fee:

  • Please note: Deposit amount is over and above the rent amount.
  • Deposit and Rental amounts will need to be paid (with separate checks) at the time of reservation of the rental hall. Temple website can be used for payment
  • Eligibility: Temple members and members endorsed.
  • Rental Hall and Kitchen Charges: Paid Members Unpaid Members
Description Members Non-Members
Security/House-keeping Refundable Deposit* $250 $250
Hall Rent $750 $900
Sound System Rent $100 $150
Kitchen Rent $200 $250

(No Meat Products, Shoes, or Alcoholic Drinks Allowed)
(Renters Responsible for Safety and Cleanliness.)
Cancellation fee:
More than 30 days prior to use 100% refund (rent & deposit)
Less than 30 days 100% refund (rent)

(Deposit is not refundable)

*Allow at least 8 weeks for refund check.
Rent includes: Hall, Table and chairs
Housekeeping to be done by renters. Additional charges apply if temple has to provide any housekeeping personnel.
Intended use of Sound/Visual/Light system to be confirmed at least 4 weeks prior to event. This will facilitate coordination with Temples Audio Visual team and Renter.

Photographs showing the main areas of the Temple as arrangement. Renters must ensure that the mandir hall and the heritage hall to be properly cleaned, vacuumed and re-arrange seating. Also, the stage area has to be cleaned as shown in the sample pictures below:
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