Our Core Vision
and Mission


Our vision is to offer services and opportunities to community members having faith in Hindu religious traditions.


To foster the Hindu culture as well as religion, and provide a peaceful environment to the devotees to worship the almighty.

about us


The Hindu Temple of Toledo was organized and formed in 1982 and a permanent temple building was built in August of 1989.

The temple has become the center of religious, spiritual and social activities for the Hindu community in Toledo and other cities within a radius of about 50 miles. It is fulfilling the very important needs of its community.

We have about 400 families in these areas and about 300 students from India attending the University of Toledo and the Bowling Green State University that follow the Hindu religion.

The temple is open for everyone, everyday, to attend the worship and prayers conducted by the priest. Every Sunday the temple has about three hours of religious programs consisting of rituals, worship, prayers, sermons, discourses, etc. The program ends with a community lunch in the temple.

There are various important religious sacred days. The temple celebrates these religious, festive days during the year. These days include Diwali, Navaratri, birthdays of saints, a two-day celebration of the Festival of India, and other functions. Attendance at some of these functions is very large, about 350 to 400 persons.

The temple is also very active in the community. The temple makes its premises available to the Red Cross and the Interfaith Association for an annual blood drive; the temple organizes classes for children and sometimes for adults to teach the Hindu scriptures and heritage; the temple is made available for weddings and other ceremonies to the community members; the temple also invites many spiritual leaders and scholars to give discourses.

Thus, the Hindu Temple of Toledo has become a significant part of the life of its community members.


Our Leadership

Abha Sinha


Minnie Singh

Vice President

Akhlesh Gupta


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