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    Other   Events during August:
13 August: Appreciation day for all participants and Volunteers at Festival of India -Coordinator Alka Gupta and Anuja Parikh
15 August: Janmashtami Celebration - Coordinator Udita Bhavsar and Mona Parikh
20 August: Independence Day - Coordinator Vandita Prasad
27 August: Ganesh Chaturthi (Celebration at temple). Celebrations begin from 25 August(Actual festival day). Details will be shared soon. -Coordinator Vaishali Pathak
Shiv Kadur, will be away from town, Traveling China and India from 07 Aug - 22 Aug. In my absence, I have requested our Past President -Anand Brahme to lead events during August alongwith the EC team 2017. Please continue to support, participate and be part of this Vibrant Community. 

70th India Independence Day Celebration