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28th Temple Anniversary Celebration
                                        28th Anniversary of our Temple
                                                           05 August 2017
                     “Sthapitha Devatha Maha Abhishekam & Homam”
                                                  Pooja Sponsorship: $251
Inviting one and all to this Big Annual Puja and Birthday Celebration of our Temple 
Here is the agenda for the day:  
08:30 : Sri Venkateshwara Suprabhatam  
09:00 : Puja:: Maha Abhishekam and Alankaram to all Sthapitha Devatha  
11:00 : Homam  
12:15 : 28th Anniversary Celebration 
12:30 : Maha Aarti  
12:45 : Maha Prasadam 
Puja sponsors are requested to bring a small packet of "Til", "Nuts", and home grown flowers
To register for Puja Sponsorship -Please click on this LINK and provide your Name and family name
You may also contact:
Pt. Anant Dixit - 419-346-5043
Shiv Kadur - 419-322-2158  or email:
Akhlesh Gupta - 419-819-7690
Paresh Patel - 419-464-6904
Seeds of Progress:
A group of our Seniors came together and formed this organization - Hindu Temple of Toledo in 1982, with great inspiration and engagement; contributed generously to build this place.
Today, with pride our young generation, new Indian families, community members of Sylvania and greater Toledo area, Seniors of our esteemed Indian community come here to celebrate, Indian festivals with great pomp and show.  
In 1984, the Temple was named as “The Hindu Temple and Heritage Hall of Toledo”, and a building committee formed in 1988 to construct this Temple structure on “Baisakhi Day”.  
It was in August of 1989, the temple construction was completed and Prayers began in the Alter that we all come together to Pray and seek blessings. A Place that was put together for Worship, Inspiring, Engaging, Sharing, Respecting, Contributing and Fun for the Indian Community in Sylvania, Ohio.       
         Come be a part of this Grand Annual Puja Celebration !!!