Please click here for information on the upcoming Murti Sthapana (April 25th and 26th).

Q1 Results from Executive Committee
  • Thank you to the family of Shoba Jinka and Bindu Kattragada for providing the lunch on Sunday April 5.  From the above graph it is easy to understand why this is so important.

·    Please note that the Mahaveer Jain Puja and Lunch initially scheduled for Sunday April 12th is being moved to

May 10th. As a result the lunch spot is OPEN and we are looking for anyone willing to help out. Please reach out to us by reply e mail if you are interested.

·    Sthapana tally of 35 donors compared to goal of 108 with about 2 weeks remaining. We are very encouraged by the generous donations of the 35 donors and would like to thank you for the support. Notwithstanding, we must hit our goal of 108 donors and urge you to make a donation in any amount. We are very pleased to see

donations in the range of $ 100 200 start to come further reiterating, that there is no expectation to match the

somewhat large amounts that have come in.  Every bit counts. Please make it a priority to get your pledge in this week. Donations can be made through Paypal, Check or Card or sign-up sheet at the Temple Board. Alternatively, you can send us your pledge via reply mail and one of the coordinators Puneet Goyal, Dr. Laxman Bhandaru and Rajesh Laungani will be in touch with you.

Hanuman Murti measuring about 24 x 19 and made from the same high quality marble used for current Temple deities, is being made available to any community member through a silent auction. Starting bid has now dropped to $ 1,200 and includes delivery to your home (Toldeo) and religious installation by our priest Anant Dixit if you so desire. The murti is in the foyer area where bids can also be made. Proceeds will be credited to the Sthapana Event at the end of April.

·    Festival of India preparation and planning sessions are underway with auditions / sign up for participants being

put together.  If you are interested, please get in touch with the organizers at


Dear Community Member,


You are invited to attend the lecture on Bhakti – A path of devotion by Sushri Rameswari Devi on Saturday April 11 and Sunday April 12.


Thank you to Sarita & Anil Sharma and Nivedita & Kishan Sharma for sponsoring this event and additionally taking on the task for providing lunch for the attending community members. 



Despite this last minute albeit welcome addition to our schedule, we look forward to seeing you both days this weekend !


Weekly Schedule April 6th 2015




April 9th


7:15 PM


Bhagavad Geeta Study



April 12th


10:30 AM


Surya Namaskar





11:00 AM


Sanatan Dharma School





11:00 AM


Sri Mahavir Jayanti Celebration POSTPONED TO MAY 10TH





12:30 PM


Arti / Lunch: Sarita & Anil Sharma and Nivedita & Kishan Sharma